Work, Work, Work

So aside from sharing my trauma narrative for the first time,  I am also currently in the process of starting a new job. I don’t have to do much to prepare besides readings that I have been doing on my own. I will be an assessment specialist at an eating disorder facility. I am super excited and looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life.

As excited as I am to start this new chapter, I am also sad because I will be ending my therapy routine. I will still continue individual therapy but my group therapy will end. As a working professional it still feels weird to think about all the work I have to do to maintain my progress. I have to ensure that I have a psychiatrist and individual therapist once I get my new insurance. Due to the 90 day policy in California, I won’t be able to receive my new insurance benefits until about August.  So, I have time to gather my new team.

When I lost my job last year after my mental breakdown, I felt like I had no hopes of finding another job. I felt lost and exasperated. It was excruciatingly painful to accept that I was let go or fired. However, with therapy and my own motivation to change, I was able to radically accept my fate. I came to terms with the ending of that chapter in my life. I figured God had seen my work as being done and was now preparing me for a new journey,

Now, with the grace of God I will be able to provide my services to a new company and a new population of people. I pray that I am able to use my skills as He sees fit and that I can share my care and love with new people. Wish me luck!


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